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Scientific Conference: Coronovirus Crisis: Challenges and its socio-economic effects (globally) and in Albania. What will happen?

Mediterranean University of Albania

Scientific Conference

Scientific Conference: Coronovirus Crisis: Challenges and its socio-economic effects (globally) and in Albania. What will happen?

26 June, 2020

"Mediterranean University of Albania", Tirana

Call for Papers

The purpose of the Conference is to conduct a comprehensive scientific analysis on the features of the coronavirus crisis, its effects on the Albanian economy and society as well as at the regional, European and global level. The conference also aims to shed light on the measures, policies and strategies followed to address it in Albania, in the region and beyond. Through the proceedings and conclusions of this Conference will be intended to provide suggestions and opinions on economic recovery policies in the post-crisis period.

This Conference will serve as a platform for all participants to exchange ideas and present the results of their scientific research work with a specialized community composed of professors and researchers as well as representatives of key policy-making institutions in the country.


  • The impact of the pandemic on the Albanian economy and finances.
  • The impact of the pandemic on the global economy and finances.
  • Albanian government business and support packages.
  • Crisis support packages in the countries of the region.
  • COVID 19 - a driver for digital transformation.
  • Behavior and communication in conditions of isolation from COVID -19.
  • Emotional motivation and human relationships in pandemic conditions.
  • Crisis support packages in European Union countries.
  • Crisis Support Packages in US.
  • European Union in the period of the pandemic. His role in coping with the pandemic crisis. Challenges for the future.
  • Challenges of the integration of the Western Balkans region in the post-pandemic period.
  • Dynamics of international relations in the pandemic period. How the future is predicted.
  • Political ideologies in the pandemic period.
  • The role of psychology in times of crisis.

Abstract and complete work

The abstract should contain: The title of the paper in capital letters. Author name in bold. Author`s institution (not in bold). Author's email (not in bold). The abstract should be in English and contain 250-300 words as well as keywords.

The complete paper in Albanian language should contain up to 5000 words. Both the abstract and the paper should be written in Times New Roman, size 12, singled spaced.

The full paper must be submitted by June 9, 2020 to the address [email protected] Papers submitted after this date will not be accepted.

The papers will be published in a special issue of the Scientific Journal "EUROMEDITERRANEAN"

Important dates

Submission of full paper June 9, 2020

Conference June 26, 2020


Faculty of Economic Sciences

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Faculty of Law and Human Sciences

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Faculty of Medical Sciences

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Some important numbers

  • 35+


  • 150+


  • 3500+


  • 85%