International Scientific Conference with the topic “Current challenges of the judiciary system in Albania and democratization processes.”

The Mediterranean University of Albania, in cooperation with the University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria, University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy, University of Aldo Moro Bari, Italy, Aleksandër Moisiu University, Durres, National Aviation University, Ukraine and Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy, Jozefow, Poland will organize the international scientific conference with the topic “Current challenges of the judiciary system in Albania and democratization processes.”

This international scientific conference represents a special effort to analyze the impact of the justice reform on social, political, economic life and the democratization processes including the European integration processes.

The aim of the conference is to analyze in depth the process of justice reform by treating it not only as a legal process but also as a product of the social context in a period of reshaping international relations and mainly their economic and political aspects. The aim is to address the two processes as interrelated and to emphasize the role of justice reform in the country's democratization and integration process.

The conference will bring together in a round table the academic community and young researchers, as well as senior politicians of the region and direct contributors to justice reform, in order to exchange ideas and diversify their scientific research work related to the main theme of the conference, including also all the other aspects of interdisciplinary fields such as political science, international relations, regional studies, economic sciences, historical studies, studies in the field of international law, etc.

The conference will serve as a platform for all participants to network, share ideas and present their research to a specialized academic community. The conference stimulates debate on current developments, new ideas, approaches and theories, concerns and challenges in the field of justice, political studies, international relations and sustainable economic development policies in line with European integration.

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International Scientific Conference "Innovation, Mathematics and Information Technology" 22-23 November 2019

The first scientific conference "Innovation, Mathematics and Information Technology" was held, organized by the Mediterranean University of Albania, in the premises of the Academy of Sciences. Academics, computer scientists, mathematicians and other personalities from these fields were present at this conference. In his greeting speech, the Rector of the Mediterranean University of Albania, Academic, Dr. Gudar Beqiraj praised the partnership for organizing this conference and the papers of young researchers. "The scientific papers that you bring here today, are added value in the respective fields and also encourage debates and discussions in these fields for further challenges", said the rector of MUA. The conference was greeted by Academician Neki Frashëri, Scientific Secretary of the Academy of Sciences. Prof. Dr., Mynyr Koni, Rector of the University of Tirana, Adrian Naco, President of the Albanian Mathematical Association. On behalf of AMA, Mr. Nacco also awarded MUA a certificate as a development center for the "Kangaroo" test. (International Mathematics Test). The project director at MUA, Nevila Xhindi also referred to the project "Interreg Adrion, Future 4.0", one of the main components of which is the development of innovation. The conference, which will resume tomorrow, November 23, aims to promote communication between researchers and young practitioners working in various scientific fields, with a common interest in Technology, Mathematics and Innovation. This conference will bring together professionals and business representatives. You are welcome to attend. The conference is organized by the Department of Informatics and Scientific Training at MUA, the Academy of Sciences, the Faculty of Natural Sciences (UT) and the Albanian Association of Mathematics.


International Scientific Conference "US Policy in the Western Balkans" October 28-29, 2019

The Mediterranean University of Albania, in the framework of its 10th anniversary, organized an international scientific conference entitled "US Policy in the Western Balkans". Numerous guests, from the country and the world, were present at the opening ceremony of this event. Among them stood out the presence of the former special adviser of the State Department and one of the architects of the peace process that led to the signing of the Dayton Agreement, Mr. Daniel Serwer, today professor at the prestigious John Hopkins School in Washington. Along with him, the other special guest was Mr. Thomas A. Shannon, former Undersecretary for Political Affairs at the State Department.

In his opening remarks, the founder of MUA and at the same time the honorary president of this institution, Prof. Dr. Anastas Angjeli, stressed the importance of examining the many political and diplomatic developments of the last decade in the Western Balkans through the prism of study. He said that such an approach, which requires a continuous cooperation between the academic sphere and the decision-making instances, takes on a special importance in the current era.

The opening of the conference was also welcomed by various representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Tirana. Charge d'Affaires at the Embassy of the United States of America, Sh.S.Znj. Leyla Moses-Ones expressed confidence in the future of Albania and its Euro-integration goals. In this regard, she secured the firm support of the US for Albanian foreign policy, not sparing the most generous terms for Tirana's diplomatic stance towards Russian, Chinese or Iranian involvement in the region.

In the same line continued and Prof. Daniel Serwer. His attention was focused on the need for a new, more effective spirit in the Kosovo-Serbia negotiation process. He judged that any plan to change the borders in the Western Balkans would be fatal. He judged that despite the temporary circumstances, Albania's future in the European Union remains clear. Former Undersecretary of State, Mr. Thomas Shannon said that Albania has great friends in Congress and in the US government. The Prime Minister of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama, during his greeting speech, to mention the disappointment of Albania for the decision not to open negotiations with the European Union. Pursuing the fruitful cooperation between Tirana and Washington in building and implementing major reforms in recent years, he called this relationship an example not only for the region, but also for Brussels itself.

This was followed by other speeches by personalities of science and public activity, from abroad and the country, such as the Ambassador of the European Union in Albania, Sh.T.Z. Luigi Soreca, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, Mr. Mr. Miomir Zuzul, US Security Expert Kurt Thormahlen, as well as the senior leaders of the Mediterranean University of Albania, Prof. Dr. Ksenfon Krisafi and Prof. Dr. Paskal Milo, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Albania.

The proceedings of the international scientific conference on the policy of the United States of America in the Western Balkans will continue tomorrow at the premises of the Mediterranean University of Albania, where three panels with scholars from the country, region and beyond will announce on the topic central to this event.


International scientific conference "Academic Studies in Human, Education and Social Sciences" March 29-30, 2019

International Conference "Academic Studies on Human Behavior, Education and Social Sciences". It was organized by the Mediterranean University of Albania, in cooperation with the University "Aleksandër Moisiu" Durrës and the University "La Sapienza" in Rome ". This conference took place under the scientific supervision of MSer - an organization that chose Albania again after 7 years from the day of the first conference of its kind organized in our country. This organization selected the Mediterranean University of Albania as the main organizer.


International scientific conference "Albanians and the region during the Great War, (1914-1918): a century since the end of the First World War". November 9, 2018
This conference was organized by MUA in cooperation with the University of Bari and with the contribution of the Institute of Albanology Studies. The conference was organized in commemoration of one of the most important, and at the same time most dramatic, events of the twentieth century, which clearly marked not only the era during which it took place, but also all subsequent political, social and cultural dynamics. It aimed at the analysis, scientific treatment and collection of research contributions on a range of topics and events of this period.


International Conference "Sustainable Development and Employment Policies in Albania". 01 June 2018
This conference was organized by MUA in cooperation with Giz. The conference, developed the works in 4 sessions, where the scientific papers were presented and referred to: Priorities of the Albanian Economy and employment policies, creation of labor market policies and institutions, elements of the labor market and their development, equality social and gender in the labor market in Albania and Vocational education and training as proactive factors for employment, employment growth policies for young people.


International Scientific Conference: "Juvenile Justice, Realities and Challenges". February 19, 2018

This conference was organized by MUA and came as an attempt to put juvenile justice issues in the focus of public debate, right after the entry into force of the Juvenile Criminal Justice Code, on January 1, 2018. Proceedings of this conference focused on the main challenges facing justice in this area and expressed maximum commitment to cooperate in providing better solutions for juveniles, as the future of society.


Third International Scientific Conference: "Globalization, vision for a sustainable future". 4 November 2017

This conference was organized by MUA. In the following panels young researchers presented their scientific papers. The Mediterranean University is a strong supporter of every initiative that promotes scientific research in our country, as an important component not only to advance in knowledge, but also a standard that must be met within the process of European integration of the country.


Migration, Diaspora and Development in Albania and the Western Balkans. 05 May 2017

This conference was organized by MUA in cooperation with the Center for Economic and Social Studies, with the participation of the Minister of State for Diaspora. In this conference was discussed by a panel of experts on the scientific diaspora which is one of the greatest potentials that Albania has and its role in the economic development of the country.


South East Europe as a common market. March 14-15, 2015

This conference was organized by MUA, and the Union of Eurasian Universities on March 14 - 15, 2015. The theme of the Conference was structured around the economic, political and social developments of the South East Europe Region and on its integration perspective. The conference was preceded by a scientific debate on the economic model between national and international professors, MUA researchers, civil society, and interest groups or decision makers, regarding the challenges facing Albania in the context of the global crisis and the perspective of European integration. country and region.


Albania and the crisis. What’s next? Revisiting the growth model. 15-16 December 2012

This conference was organized by MUA, and Panorama Newspaper on 15 - 16 December 2012. The theme of the Conference was structured in three issues on the model of economic development, global, European, and in the regional context. The conference was preceded by a scientific debate on the economic model between MUA professors and researchers, civil society, and interest groups or decision makers, regarding the challenges that Albania faced in the global context.


The 6th International Conference "Education in 'Turbulent Times' - the Albanian Case in European and Global Context". November 21-22, 2011

This conference was held in Tirana on November 21-22, 2011, organized by the Mediterranean University of Albania, the Academy of Sciences of Albania, the Albanian Institute of Sociology and the Albanian University. During this conference, which was attended by about 228 researchers from different countries, a plenary session, 2 semi-plenary sessions and 22 thematic sessions were held. During these sessions numerous domestic and foreign scholars referred and 90 scientific papers were delivered. The topics of these papers touch on important areas of sociological interest such as communication, culture and art, population and emigration, political sociology, sociology of religion, collective behavior and social movements.


Scientific conference "Albania: towards a new model of post-transition economic development". October 6, 2010
This conference was organized by the Mediterranean University of Albania, the Academy of Sciences and Gazeta Shqip on October 6, 2010. The conference was preceded by a scientific debate about the new economic model between professors and researchers of MUA and other academic and scientific institutions of country, which was widely covered by the newspaper Shqip.


Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Faculty of Economic Sciences prepares young economists with fundamental theoretical concepts in economics, finance, accounting, business, law, as well as the essential practical skills required for economists, managers, financiers, bankers, accountants.

Faculty of Law and Human Sciences

The Faculty of Law and Human Sciences prepares individuals for careers as lawyers, political scientists, diplomats, and communication specialists. It provides them with the necessary theoretical foundation and practical knowledge to effectively navigate the challenges of the justice system and international relations within the country.

Faculty of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics, both physically and virtually, is dedicated to the latest advancements in computer science, systems, and development technologies. In an era of rapid technological progress, the academic curriculum keeps pace with the support of highly qualified faculty members. Teachers and students collaborate on joint projects, pooling their efforts to achieve outstanding results.

Faculty of Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Medical Sciences is an ambitious endeavor of MUA aimed at enhancing the country's medical capabilities. As with every step taken towards achieving excellence, MUA has enlisted the expertise of renowned professors in the relevant fields for the new faculty. By designing programs aligned with the best practices in Europe, MUA ensures the present and future safety of its students.

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