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Professional training program on “Bankruptcy Administrator”

The professional training program” Bankruptcy Administrator aims to provide theoretical, practical and professional training in Bankruptcy Administration. This training is necessary, but they have the legal obligation to attend continuing professional training in bankruptcy administration.

The goal of the training is to become familiar with the legal norms and court practices while following a bankruptcy procedure. The professional training on “Bankruptcy Administrator" aims to provide complete and up-to-date information to the specialist on what happens if the liabilities of a commercial entity exceed its profits. Credit is a key feature of the modern market economy. Special care will be given to bankruptcy discipline and special processes for opening bankruptcy proceedings. It will also address the role and features of the judicial investigation in the adjudication of cases related to bankruptcy.

Regarding the above, the training aims to address the solutions that the current legislation offers, focusing on two possibilities within the same procedure: the opening of a bankruptcy procedure or the implementation of a reorganization plan, after its approval according to the criteria defined by the law.

The training provides detailed information about bankruptcy practices, it presents the rules: when the subject is unable to pay or is overloaded with debts; entities that are legitimated to request the opening of the procedure; court decisions (interim or final decisions); powers of bankruptcy bodies; the method of approval of the reorganization plan; its realization; completion of the procedure, etc.

The modules of this program will combine the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for practicing the profession. What is learned theoretically, during the training will be practiced through workshops, discussions and group work. This training consists of a total of 60 hours and is divided into several modules.

The training fee for the bankruptcy administrator is 30,000 (thirty thousand) ALL.

At the end of the professional training program, the candidate for bankruptcy administrator will undergo a written exam lasting 2 hours, where the knowledge gained during the training will be tested. The maximum assessment will be 100 points, of which the candidate must obtain at least 80% to pass the exam.

If the candidate does not pass the exam successfully, he has the right to participate in the next exam, after repeating the training program.

With the successful passing of the exam, the evaluation certificate will be issued by MUA, which proves that the candidate has completed the professional training program and has acquired the necessary skills to be certified as a bankruptcy administrator.

The candidates will be equipped with the relevant certificate, signed by the Rector of MUA.

The certificate contains name, surname, knowledge control exam scores, date of issue and serial number of the certificate, manager’s signature and the training institution’s stamp.

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