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Workshop on the Freedom of Media in Albania is held

Today, the Mediterranean University of Albania organized a workshop focusing on the Freedom of Media in Albania. This workshop was attended by students, professors, and some guests. During the event, the initiative "Make it Visible" was presented, by Raquel Hernandez Pena, coordinator of this initiative

The first episode of the serial "Square of Power" was transmitted, too.  Some participants, experts of Media, discussed the importance of the Freedom of Media in Albania. Robert Budina, Director and screenwriter of the film "Square of Power", Robert Budina and journalists Anila Hoxha (Top-Channel), Eglantina Alliaj (Albanian Community Tv) were the guests on this panel.

Discussions were held to promote freedom of expression and freedom of the media in Albania in order to strengthen democracy. This activity was greeted by the founder of the Mediterranean University of Albania, Academic, Prof. Dr. Anastas Angjeli, who emphasized the importance of the freedom of media in Albania.

"Mediterranean University has always supported and promoted activities that seem to be out of its scope. This has a clear explanation. It is in the philosophy of the Mediterranean University as an institution which not only does it extend its attention to the academic role, but also to the social, political and economic phenomena that occur everywhere around it ", said the founder of the Mediterranean University of Albania.

The event was a striking example of the range of activities created with the passing of years with political cinemas. The newest branch of communication has joined them. Political Cinema has been organized for 10 years at our university as a unique event in Albania that aims to give another dimension to the way students think about reality. The theme of this year is the crisis in many human, political, social, issues. “The Square of Power”, which is also supported by the Mediterranean University, initiated the activities of this academic year.


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