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Rector of Mediterranean University Adrian Civici promotes the book “Financial Fraudsters – from Ponzi to Madoff”

The book “Financial Fraudsters – from Ponzi to Madoff” is the latest book by Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici. In the presence of experts of the field, this book was highly lauded. “Finances came into existence with the rise of the states and during all this time the financial fraudsters came also into existence at the same time together with the money. It is this book which depicts the pathway from the rise of the financial fraudsters. At first, they seemed geniuses even though they suffered a terrible fate. Somehow this is a terrible story as the fraudsters are few in numbers whether the people suffering from their actions were in high numbers. The book describes the rise of these fraudulent practices which affected a large number of people,” said the founder of the Mediterranean University Academician Prof. Dr. Anastas Angjeli.

He added that “the book has its own historical, scientific and human values, where it addresses important issues related to culture and financial education. Lack of a financial education, makes people deceived, fall prey to these schemes. Our task, especially of schools and universities, is to spread as many messages as possible about this phenomenon. "And this book serves just that."

Professor Përparim Kabo made an analysis of the book, focusing on the anthropological profile of those individuals who have built fraud schemes, namely financial fraudsters. The other reviewer for the book, an experienced banker, general secretary of the Bankers Association, Spiro Brumbulli, praised the book, noting that the case of Albania with the pyramid schemes addressed in the book is a unique case, already introduced in world history for its size. that took, for such a small place. Professor Civici, describes the character but summarized in what we economists are interested in transactions, making it possible in 60 cases described to understand what happens to fraud in a synthetic way, understands how there are endless ways, but also how society is in the face of these phenomena ", said Brumbulli. He added that it is important for economists to write and produce, congratulating the author on the book and the contribution. Rector of the Mediterranean University, author of the book Prof. Dr. Adrian Civici, said that the beginning of the book started from an article about Newton, who died poor, because although he was a scientist he lost all his money in a pyramid scheme. "And when asked how it was possible that this happened to him, Newton said that he may have been able to understand the laws, but he may not have been able to understand the human mind in the face of money. "This was the first harassment," said Civici. He added that the biggest difficulty was the separation of these characters and the suggestion they produce with the message that this book actually conveys, where financial education is seen as a necessity to not fall prey to these victims. I see it as a publishing manual of the financial and monetary education part, for us to be wary of all kinds of forms of fraud and involvement, in the face of easy money, quick money and effortless money, which makes you instant rich ", said Civici.




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