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Meeting at the Mediterranean University, the author Ben Blushi analyzes "THE CONSPIRACY" which is considered a revolutionary novel

In an auditorium full of academics, scholars and students at the Mediterranean University of Albania, the writer Ben Blushi analyzes for the readers his tenth edition "The Conspiracy”. The inquisitiveness that the title evokes, the chaos of today and the horizon of waiting for Albania's not-so-far future, covered with literary whimsy and detailed language, the author's conversation in the auditorium revolved around this sphere. "This book is the product of a terror, the product of a turbulent time, and if anyone but me reads the book, they would say: - in what world does he live? I live in the world we all live in together, very uncertain, confused, it doesn't allow you to see the future, said the author. The Honorary President of the Mediterranean University of Albania, Anastas Angjeli, appreciates "Conspiracy" as one of the most prominent works of the author's creativity. "I do not exaggerate at all that we have a writer, a person from a polyhedral, who is one of the most powerful voices of today's contemporary Albanian literature, as an elegant and sarcastic chronicler of the spirit and character of Albanians on the one hand and perceptions of his homeland fate on the other hand.'' He added that the book is provocative, seductive, an ironic and human narrative. "In this book, Ben surprises us, provokes us, and questions the accepted historical and moral values. It provokes myths, ideologies, religions, nationalisms and absolute truths, it also invites us to review our optimism and pessimism, everything we have accepted in today's time to be alert for the future as well", stated Angjeli. "Conspiracy", a novel that has made a revolution in stylistics, explains the anthropologist Përparim Kabo as well. The writer Ben Blushi has made a revolution in stylistics, he has a ravishing linear treatment that does not provoke the reader's reason, and he has only one temptation to learn the event. There are events that surprise, that can create a resonance with your inner consciousness, but there are events that seem completely cold and distant.


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