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Historical Background

The Mediterranean University of Albania was established in 2007 by Academician Prof.Dr. Anastas Angjeli with the support of a group of intellectuals and collaborators, professors and experts with long experience in the field of academia and research in Albania and the region. The Mediterranean University of Albania was licensed by the Government as an institution of education and scientific research in 2009 and in the same year began its activity in accordance with the Bologna Process.

The Mediterranean University of Albania represents a unique effort in the field of education in Albania. Established as a Non-Profit Organization, the Mediterranean University, since its establishment has set as its main goal the education of students with a new spirit, which is so necessary for the progress of the individual and at the same time of society. The Mediterranean University of Albania is composed of one of the most elite academic staff in the country, where the experience of one generation is coordinated with the vitality of another.

All professors of the Mediterranean University of Albania, are specialized in the most prestigious European and American Universities, and are dedicated to students to offer all their experience. The Mediterranean University of Albania is located in one of the most favorite areas of Tirana and makes available to students a new, modern building with all the necessary infrastructure to develop a high level teaching process. Mediterranean University of Albania, consists of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, the Faculty of Law and International Relations, the Faculty of Psychological, Social and Political Sciences, which organize: First Cycle Studies "Bachelor" and Second Cycle "Master of Science" and "Professional Master" .

The study programs are designed in such a way as not only to respond, but also to anticipate the needs of the labor market in Albania, but also in the region and beyond. The Faculty of Economics at the Mediterranean University of Albania, aims to provide students with basic knowledge for their training as financiers, bankers, accountants, managers, procurement staff, computer scientists and systems managers, etc., as well as for further studies further in the field of economics. Upon completion of these study programs, thanks to the knowledge gained, the student is trained for employment opportunities in private and public business, in positions such as: general and specialized manager, finance specialist, accounting specialist, finance manager, manager marketing, sales manager, purchasing manager, human resources manager, production manager, business IT specialists, beginner specialists in information systems management, etc.

The main goal of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences is to prepare lawyers, political scientists, administrators and public officials, capable of contributing to the political development of the country, the emancipation of the political elite and the modernization and performance of public administration in Albania. as well as the preparation of human capacities, experts, analysts, researchers, scientists and diplomats in the service of the country's interests, in the field of international relations and diplomatic practice.

The Mediterranean University of Albania is an institution of higher education with a clear mission and vision in the knowledge market in Albania and with aspirations to extend its activity even wider, but at the same time with its growth and consolidation, after a period of several years. of the functioning of the institutes that were the basis of its creation, has the ambition to develop scientific research both to increase the quality of teaching, as well as to increase competition among its academic staff and update them in contemporary trends of scientific debate and involvement of students in them.

At the same time, being part of the elite intellectual thought in the Albanian society as well as of the political, economic and social developments in the country, it has developed a strategy of deepening scientific research in those fields that are thought to be the most immediate "interconnection" of science to improve life. daily life of citizens. The Mediterranean University of Albania, encourages scientific research and scientific debate in several directions, which has detected as important and priority for the stage where the institution is located, but also the country.


Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Faculty of Economic Sciences prepares young economists with fundamental theoretical concepts in economics, finance, accounting, business, law, as well as the essential practical skills required for economists, managers, financiers, bankers, accountants.

Faculty of Law and Human Sciences

The Faculty of Law and Human Sciences prepares individuals for careers as lawyers, political scientists, diplomats, and communication specialists. It provides them with the necessary theoretical foundation and practical knowledge to effectively navigate the challenges of the justice system and international relations within the country.

Faculty of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics, both physically and virtually, is dedicated to the latest advancements in computer science, systems, and development technologies. In an era of rapid technological progress, the academic curriculum keeps pace with the support of highly qualified faculty members. Teachers and students collaborate on joint projects, pooling their efforts to achieve outstanding results.

Faculty of Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Medical Sciences is an ambitious endeavor of MUA aimed at enhancing the country's medical capabilities. As with every step taken towards achieving excellence, MUA has enlisted the expertise of renowned professors in the relevant fields for the new faculty. By designing programs aligned with the best practices in Europe, MUA ensures the present and future safety of its students.

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