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Welcoming Remarks of the President

Dear students

To earn a valid degree, an Albanian student no longer needs to go and study abroad being away from his/her family and relatives. The Mediterranean University is an excellent opportunity. I would like to give a warm welcome to all those who want to study at our University.

Our vision to nurture an elite institution of higher education for the new generations has become a reality. During the years, we aimed at offering our students all the experience and know-how in order to achieve our common goal. Their dedication and results have convinced us that we have succeeded. Our path has just begun while the road to acquiring knowledge is long and difficult; and only those who are eager for it are able to succeed.

The Mediterranean University opens the window to the world for all students transforming them into key actors and stakeholders in the society. MUA has become an epicenter of progress and intelligence preparing students to be successful in a competitive global market.

Our objective is to attract the most notable personalities of the respective fields and we have successfully achieved it. We care about combining recognized values with promising new inflows.

These actions express our commitment to bring you not only the best in the quality of education, but also providing you with high-level programs and qualitatively distinct services in support of students. The Mediterranean University is not only dedicated to the faculty and staff; the main assets of the Mediterranean University are our talented and self-seeking students. The Mediterranean University seeks to help the private and public sectors of Albania through excellence and scientific research.

Mediterranean University is working hard to improve the quality of teaching and scientific research. We uphold the values of academic independence, intellectual honesty and critical thinking. We believe that success can be achieved through hard work and talent. I am convinced that, at the end of your studies, you will be proud to have been graduated from the Mediterranean University of Albania.


Faculty of Economic Sciences

The Faculty of Economic Sciences prepares young economists with fundamental theoretical concepts in economics, finance, accounting, business, law, as well as the essential practical skills required for economists, managers, financiers, bankers, accountants.

Faculty of Law and Human Sciences

The Faculty of Law and Human Sciences prepares individuals for careers as lawyers, political scientists, diplomats, and communication specialists. It provides them with the necessary theoretical foundation and practical knowledge to effectively navigate the challenges of the justice system and international relations within the country.

Faculty of Informatics

The Faculty of Informatics, both physically and virtually, is dedicated to the latest advancements in computer science, systems, and development technologies. In an era of rapid technological progress, the academic curriculum keeps pace with the support of highly qualified faculty members. Teachers and students collaborate on joint projects, pooling their efforts to achieve outstanding results.

Faculty of Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Medical Sciences is an ambitious endeavor of MUA aimed at enhancing the country's medical capabilities. As with every step taken towards achieving excellence, MUA has enlisted the expertise of renowned professors in the relevant fields for the new faculty. By designing programs aligned with the best practices in Europe, MUA ensures the present and future safety of its students.

Some important numbers

  • 35+


  • 150+


  • 3500+


  • 85%