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Diplomë Profesionale TEKNOLOGJI INFORMACIONI DHE APLIKIME INFORMATIKE, me profile: • Specialist Rrjetash Kompjuterike • Teknik për Pajisje Elektronike • Teknik për Software dhe Dixhitalizim

Professional Degree in: 


  • Computer Networking Specialist 
  • Electronic Equipment Technician 
  • Software and Digitalization Technician 


Below you will find a detailed description of each profile, creating the opportunity for orientation for all those who are interested in following this program

A.Profile: Computer Network Specialist 

Want to help shape the future? Want to find innovative solutions to your company's network problems? Read the description of the role of "Computer Network Specialist" to get an idea of how this field of study works and whether or not it fits your goals.


Computer Networking specialists provide communication in computer systems. This 2-year program serves all those students and IT specialists who seek to specialize in computer networks. He assists in the development of technical knowledge and expertise for the design, implementation and maintenance of computer networks in any type of company. It also assists in the operation of the Hardware, Software, Computer Network Utilization System of an organization / administration / company. 


The 2-year professional study program aims to train students in computer network maintenance. At the core of this program is the practical application for computer networks, integrating with businesses, health, tourism, etc. The courses developed in this professional study program include:

● Computer Networks; 
● Information systems security; 
● Organization of computer systems; 
● Network technology and topology; 
● Communication protocols; 
● Operating systems

All these courses are based on computer labs and professional practice, applied in several collaborations with business and administration.


In the digital and transformational era in which we live, professions related to technology and information are a growing trend. Events such as the creation of global networks, the use of technological equipment and distance learning make every city ‘smart’ and use technology. These developments increase the demand for computer networking specialists to have network security and full functionality.

B.Profile: Technician for Electronic Devices 

The main goal of the 2-year professional program in the field of "Technician for electronic devices", is the development and preparation of students to be employed as a technician for electronic devices in professional activities related to electronic management. This program offers opportunities to get acquainted with modern technologies and technological processes, which affect the relevant professional qualification, also creates the opportunity to facilitate employment and advancement towards vocational training at higher levels by increasing professional competencies, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.
Programit profesional i vendoset theksi në zhvillimin e lëndëve specifike dhe praktike për profilin si:

● Basics of electrical engineering 
● Digital electronics 
● Electronics of fabrication parts 
● Professional practice 

Professional competencies of students at the end of the professional study in the profile "Technician for electronic devices" At the end of the professional cycle in the profile "Technician for electronic devices" the student will be able to exercise professional competencies, as follows: 

· To draft a business plan related to the professional activities of electronic management.
· To perform economic calculations related to the professional activities of electronic management.
· Apply the technical standards of the profession of Technician for electronic devices.
· Perform procedures for the administration and management of an electronic business.
· Draw and construct electronic diagrams using AutoCad, Multisim, etc. programs.
· Build a LAN network and a microcontroller.
· Construct circuits with multilayer elements and circuits with digital circuits.
· Install a cable television.
· Use information and communication technology for the purposes of the electronic technician profession.

Employment opportunities

Successful completion of professional study in the profile "Technician for electronic devices", provides students with a Professional Diploma. This qualification gives you the opportunity to approach the labor market for employment as an electronic technician in the business of electronic communications, service points of repairs of electronic equipment as well as in other activities that operate in the direction of electronics. They can also be self-employed as part of an individual electronics business. 

C.Profile: Software and Digitalization Technician 

The purpose of the program Professional Diploma in Information Technology and Applications 

Informatics, with Technical profile for Software and Digitalization, is to prepare specialists with a considerable technical and theoretical baggage that would enable the student to immediately acclimatize to the demands of the labor market in both state structures and various private companies. It is structured in order to provide students with the necessary knowledge and culture in the field of information technology. After this program, students are provided with the basic tools necessary to meet the demands of the labor market for a variety of professions related to many elements of the operation of private businesses, the special needs of public administration and local government.

The professional program emphasizes the development of specific and practical subjects for the profile such as: 

● Multimedia system 
● Web Design
● Programmer
● Digital multimedia 
● Professional Practice etc. 

All these courses are based on computer labs and professional practice, applied in several collaborations with business and administration. 


In the digital age and the challenges we face in this time digitalism, digital transformation, technology are the keywords of the moment. All this boom requires professionals in the field. Software technicians are the present and the future of the job market.


Faculty of Economic Sciences

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Faculty of Law and Human Sciences

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Faculty of Informatics

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Faculty of Medical Sciences

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Some important numbers

  • 35+


  • 150+


  • 3500+


  • 85%